Psychological Services including PTSD Counselling in Chilliwack

At the office of Dr. Brian Atkinson Ph.D., we understand that every person and family is unique. Your emotional and developmental challenges require a personal assessment and treatment that reflects your specific needs. If you require psychological services including PTSD counselling in Chilliwack, we have the experience and education necessary to guide you through treatment. We pledge to work with you to discover the solution that is right for you whether you are an adult, teenager, senior citizen, or young child. Contact us right away and get the help you need.

We offer counselling or therapy for the treatment of:
Sexual abuse
Eating disorders
And more
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Types of Assessment and Therapy

We specialize in neuro science and that means we take an analytical approach to our treatment of your mental health. With a strong track record in helping adults and much success in completing psychological assessments of children, our experience means you have a range of different therapy options available to you.

We offer a comprehensive list of mental health treatments including:
Couples therapy
Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)
Corporate therapy
Group therapy
Parenting therapy
We offer psychological assessments for:
Intellectual functioning
Educational ability
Victim's assistance
Learning disabilities
Social emotional functioning
Veteran’s affairs


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